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Ready to start your growth journey?

Just $1 to check your credit score and must have major credit or debit card. Click the "Know Your Numbers" button below.

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Our Services

One on One

Consultation Sessions

We will meet with you to discuss your credit repair options and outline the very best plan and timeline for you. Your credit score will help us understand what your financial pattern is and find you a customized solution. 

Checking Your Score

You can comfortably and securely check your credit score with our third party partner. Trust that your information is secure, up-to-date and accurate.

Personal Credit Goals

If your credit goal is to:

Maintain a great score,

Increase your score,

Or remove fraud or inaccuracies,

knowing your score will help you achieve your long-term, personal financial goals.

What is your credit score?

Credit Score = Lifeline

Your credit score is shadow; it follows you wherever and forever. It is your lifeline to make major financial moves. It is more than credit approval, but lowering your interest rate.

Credit Report vs. Credit Score

Your credit report is detailed information from your payment and borrowing history. Your credit score is the three digit number which is graded from your credit history.

Getting Your Score

You may have to pay a small fee to obtain your full credit report. But, believe us, it will be well worth the knowledge you will receive from this valuable information. 

Knowledge is the Key to Success. Start by Knowing Your Credit Score and Understanding Your Credit Report. 


Take better care of your family by understanding what your credit means for them.

Ready to know your score? Let us help you.

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